Jace vs Chandra (Magic the Gathering Rap)

by None Like Joshua



released June 20, 2017



all rights reserved


None Like Joshua Winston Salem, North Carolina

Overlord of Future Rap. Livin life in Story Mode.



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Track Name: Jace vs Chandra (Magic the Gathering Rap)
In the multiverse, there are powerful mages who travel between worlds known as Planeswalkers.
These extraordinary individuals prove their abilities in a duel

It’s the Architect of Thought: Jace Beleren
Unraveler of Secrets, Mind Sculptor and I’ve come to win

Chandra Nalaar: Pyrogenius, Flamecaller
Firebrand, here to show - I’m the best Planeswalker

man I don’t kill, I mill
so if you burn, then I chill
and your creatures never will
get to see the battlefield
I could blackmail and steal
all the secrets you conceal
Insecurities revealed
man your toughness isn’t real

you feel that blue magic?
You’re so bad you’ll want to forget that this happened
but I can help with that shit
what you love turning into ashes
Fire for your hair? I’ll bet the carpet and drapes are matchin

You were always blinded by your master and misguided
Reading minds and yet you couldn’t see you’re alone on your island
You the king of crying - nobody cares if you’re the brightest
- You just sat and stared while I destroyed the Titans, bitch
I’m lit!

Incineration, no time to waste, you too slow
I got haste, you pushover
you got played
by Lilliana
you thrown away
lightin all your creatures up, yeah you know I’m too hot
Sad to see you roasted with a one drop

Everything you sayin’s countered negated
I’m always ahead of your mountains emblazin
You drowning in phrases, my style’s amazing
You can’t even tell that your mind is erasing

Witness the talent of the telepath
when I rap
Send you to the graveyard or
Exile, no coming back

so go on back to tinkering with artifacts
Your mom and dad would be so proud of that instead of a pyromaniac

And Liliana? I was gonna break it off anyway
She was into weird shit, I disappeared like you did
when Baral killed your whole fam that day

You comin to fight - I’ve begun to ignite
Your creatures weak - and plain as white
magical prodigy, flow is tight
doon doon - damn that’s a double strike

The phoenix has risen, about to take flight
No blockin me now, cause you over your sight
- Scared of what happens so you got to scry
Predicted I win while you run out of life?

You’ve forgotten I’m the one who saved your sorry ass
Man no wonder you ain’t got a friend - from your mindless past
Bad days for sad Jace , bout to cut your life in half
Make it rain from all the tears you shed, while I start to laugh

ingenuity’s never subtle
Decked out, now you in trouble
You hearin my psychic rebuttal
My control, your creature’s under

Cross the leyline, that’s your blunder
Makin all your creatures slumber
Even if you won, is it illusion? Man you start to wonder

yeah I’m heatin up this rivalry
Chandra got that magma
My impulse is fiery

Forget the Gatewatch, and your lame talk
My flames talk when I planeswalk
You’re mana swamped, my game rocks
And makes your brain - stop